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The Surface and Office 365

Microsoft Surface Pro 4Come see the new Surface and talk to us about Office 365 which can make your life so much easier. Any device can run Office 365 but the biggest benefit is you can use it anywhere. A good example is every week I sit down with my Excel tracking sheet and manage the new web store, what's on order and when we can look at buying new tech gadgets and the latest products. The spreadsheet lets me manage the direction of the company and works well with our accounting software. I save my spreadsheets, photos and documents onto OneDrive, so my files travel with me no matter where I am. OneDrive includes 1TB of storage with my subscription plan. So I can work anywhere on that spreadsheet, anytime.

The other great thing about Office 365 is how easy it is keep business and personal life organized. If I leave my office or home I have my documents, files and ideas with me. OneNote lets me keep track of my new ideas so if I have a new idea on the fly I can capture that on my phone wherever I am.


philip cooper
philip cooper