Cloudcare Backup

Backup All of your Small Business
Simply and securely store all critical data and forget about managing a complicated backup system.
  • Protect what’s important
    Our Online Backup provides customizable backup policies that enable you to choose specific folders and/or file types to protect (such as PDFs) or ignore (such as MP3s).
  • Restore and backup anytime
    Backup schedules from hourly, daily to monthly can be set per device in accordance with your requirements and will run so long as the device is connected to the internet.
  • Pay as you go
    Storage is charged in 25Gb 'units’ and charges only apply to the number of units used. So if you have 25 laptops with 1Gb of important data each, you protect them all with only one unit of storage.
  • Choose your backup location
    Backup devices in the cloud or to local storage. Choose the most appropriate location to ensure requirements are met per user and per device.


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